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web designer in Corvallis OR

Lamplight Creatives – Providing professional web design services in Corvallis OR, customized just for you.

Website Development in Corvallis OR

At Lamplight Creatives Corvallis OR Our Website development service is designed for those that have no current website or want to move an existing website off one platform onto another. The development of your new website means we are starting from scratch, building from the ground up. Platforms we build in include: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and Etsy. After getting to know you, we determine what platform is best for you based on your needs and desired functionality. For functionality, you might want an online shop, a blog someone can subscribe to, access to an online course, the ability to collect emails, a client or member portal, or a gallery of your work. We will advise you on how to secure a domain for your website (your URL address). We will also help you pick a hosting package for your site, and create a professional email address to match your new domain name. When we develop your website, we will build it with as many pages as you need. We can also build a simple, informational landing page if desired.  Advanced SEO (search engine optimization) services are available upon request. Standard builds do not include this treatment unless requested. All website builds are quoted based on your exact needs and timeline.

Website Design in Corvallis OR

Designing your website means you have an existing site and you want to refresh it with a new look, colors, or imagery. We can design your refreshed website in any of the following platforms: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, or Etsy.

You will have access to our team of website design professionals that have various skillsets to help create everything you need to update your site. Things you might need include: a logo, headshots or team photos, videos, product photos, aerial photos, illustrations, or other custom graphics.

Through our network, we have people that can accomplish everything you need.

If we build your website using WordPress, we encourage you to choose a DIVI template free of charge. This helps us learn what you like aesthetically and gives us a place to start. Then, we can customize the template you choose, brand it with your colors, change the imagery, remove elements you don’t like, add elements that you want, and more.

All website design projects are quoted based on your exact needs and timeline.


lamplight creatives lynnebrown website design corvallis or

Lynne Brown Writing

After developing Lynne’s logo, we designed her new website. She had had an existing website but it was in need of a revamp. She chose a template she liked and gave us a gallery of photos that inspired her for us to consider using as we designed her new site.

Lamplight Creatives Next Chapter Mediators Website Developers Corvallis OR


Brian came to us as a retired lawyer and former Supreme Court clerk. His new venture was to start a mediation practice that would serve clients both in-person locally and nationwide virtually. Because his business was to offer virtual services, his first step was commissioning us to develop his website so he could be findable online.

Lamplight Creatives Skin Maven Website Development Corvallis OR


Valarie had an existing business, already providing skincare services for a decade. She had been sharing a website with other local aestheticians and decided it was time to have her own. She had existing brand colors and a logo and tasked us to build her branded website.

Website Design Company


Courtney wanted us to rebuild her website. Her existing site was outdated and did not have the functionality she needed. She wanted to move her business online, with the ability to sell her works and accept commission requests via her website. This meant her site needed to have an online gallery and shop, and be able to accept payments.

Lamplight Creatives Robert brand Website Designer Corvallis


We had a ton of freedom building this site. The owner was clear that he wanted nothing to do with the process and trusted us with our vision. His goal was to have a simple website with only a few pages and limited functionality. He wasn’t building the site to collect emails or implement sales funnels, his sole purpose was to have his gallery accessible to the contractors and architects he worked with.

Lamplight Creatives Torch Craft Marine Website Development


After we developed the logo for Torch Craft Marine, the owner wanted to build a website. He had a specific concept for the layout in mind and was able to point us to an existing website that was visually pleasing to him.



“The level of quality, creativity, engagement, and value that Allison and her team bring is outstanding. We highly recommend them for any project or need your growing business/organization has!”

Karla Garrett
Community Services Consortium


“Lamplight Creatives really served me well when I was launching my new venture. Allison is a brilliant copywriter and oversaw the development of my website. Fun and efficient service. Worth every dollar and more.”

Ron Gilliland
The Conscious Profit Institute


“When it comes to marketing your business, from website design to planning social media campaigns, Lamplight Creatives will bring that special light to your project.”

Andrea Shonnard
Shonnard’s Nursery


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Why Hire Lamplight Creatives - Web Designer in Corvallis OR

Lamplight Creatives - Website Designers

At Lamplight Creatives, you only work with the best website designers in Corvallis OR. We take care of all the coordination and communication needed between all parties involved in your project. We work closely with the creatives, vendors, and publications needed to launch your concept into the world without exhausting you in the process.

We listen to your vision and learn about your values so we can relay them to your audience in unique and powerful ways. We help conceptualize your brand and image so you are instantly recognizable to consumers. We create what’s needed to tell your story, make it memorable, and launch it into the world. We aspire to be a big help to small businesses in Corvallis by providing professional web design services customized for you.

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