Top 7 social media sites of 2019

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Using social media as a tool to find customers is important in our digital world. But, how do you know who is using what social media platform? We’ve got the newest data showing the top 7 social media sites of 2019.   

Why is this important? Because being aware of who is using what platform will help you decide on the best social media platform to use for your business in 2020. This ensures that you can reach your target customers, increasing the chances that you convert them into paying customers.  

If you haven’t done so yet, take a moment to write down all the things you know about your average customer such as where they live, their gender, what their interests are, their level of education, age, even their race or ethnicity. Companies that gather specific demographic data about who is buying their product or service are more likely to reach their target audience.  

Let’s dive into the Pew Research Center data from their 2019 study that shows who is using what. We’ll break down some of their findings so that you can make better social media strategy decisions for 2020. 


1. YouTube 

Of all social platforms, YouTube is leading in overall usage by US adults with 73% using the platform.  

  • 78% of men use YouTube as compared to 68% of women
  • 90% of those aged 18-24 use the platform
  • 70% of adults aged 50-64 use it, as do 38% of adults ages 65 and older

2. Facebook 

Although Facebook usage is on the decline, its overall users is still far above any platform below it with 69% of US adults using it. 

  • 68% of those aged 50-64 and 46% aged 65+ use the platform
  • Few teens say Facebook as their favorite platform
  • Usage is higher among women (75%) than men (63%)

3. Instagram

This platform is youth-oriented with a heavy emphasis on visual engagement. Also owned by Facebook, 37% of US adults use Instagram.

  • Use is far higher among those aged 18-24 (75%) than those aged 25-29 (57%), 30-49 (47%), 50-64 (23%), and 65+ (8%)
  • Urban adults are more than twice as likely to use the platform as compared to those in rural areas
  • Hispanic (51%) and Black adults (40%) are more likely to use Instagram than White adults (33%)

4. Pinterest 

Pinterest has changed the game in allowing space for DIYers to get ideas and connect with other crafty people. In the US, 28% of adults now use it.

  • Women are almost three times as likely as men to use Pinterest (42% and 15%, respectively)
  • Users are twice as likely to have a college degree than high school diploma
  • It is one of the only platforms dominated by usage from White adults

5. LinkedIn 

Often associated with business people and entrepreneurs, LinkedIn focuses on connecting users with career-centric content. In the US, 27% of adults use it. 

  • More men (29%) than women (24%) use the platform
  • Users are more likely to have a college degree, with the biggest age groups being 25-29 (44%) and 30-49 (37%)
  • Users that identify as Hispanic (16%) are least likely to use LinkedIn

6. Snapchat 

The newest of the Top 7 platforms, Snapchat has a heavy appeal to a younger audience. It’s now used by 24% of US adults.

  • Between male and female users, it’s almost an even split
  • 73% of those aged 18-24 use Snapchat
  • 3% of adults aged 65 and older use the platform

7. Twitter 

Twitter is a platform for those who want short snippets of information as compared to lengthy messages. Of US adults, 22% use it.

  • Usage is slightly higher among men (24%) than women (21%)
  • Among users, the biggest age group are those aged 18-24 (44%)
  • Only 7% of the 65+ group use the platform

Now that you’re armed with data from the top 7 social media sites of 2019, we hope this helps you dial down your efforts so you can spend your time posting and advertising in the right places in 2020.


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