Custom Website Design and Development Services in Corvallis, Oregon

Website Development Services in Corvallis

Whether you have an existing website that needs a facelift or you need a site built from the ground up, Lamplight Creatives is the one stop you need. We’re here to create a stunning user-friendly website that reflects your brand and speaks to your audience.

Our website development company is home to a diverse team of creatives, including web developers, copywriters, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and SEO specialists. This means that when you work with us, you gain access to a wide range of website development services, all under one virtual roof.

Website Development Platforms


Technical Skills and Services Available to You Include:

lamplight-artboardStrong understanding of the User Experience

lamplight-artboardAbility to customize and brand your website layout

lamplight-artboardCopywriting services to create compelling content

lamplight-artboardRecommendations for apps or tools to achieve your goals

lamplight-artboardCustom graphic design and illustrations

lamplight-artboardDelivery of responsive, mobile-friendly websites

8 ways we provide technical expertise

1. Custom Illustration & Design

Our branding experts will design any custom illustrations or graphics you may need for your new website. When we build your website, we always keep your brand in mind to ensure your site looks and feels like your organization.

Custom illustrations can include:

· Custom icons

· Custom graphics

· Customs banners

· Custom animation

and more!

Feel free to share your inspiration with us, so we can digitally create it for you.

2. User-friendly navigation of UI and UX designs

There’s no denying the importance of good website design and development. We believe that websites should be beautiful, functional, and easy for site visitors to use.

The user experience, also called UX, can make or break whether someone stays on your site or leaves your site. Every website that we design will be thoughtfully planned to ensure the site path for users is simple and straightforward.

Our website designers always keep the user interface, also known as UI, in mind. We understand that during a time when almost all businesses have a website, that the most attractive and appealing sites are the ones that will retain the most visitors. This is why we take care and pride in the websites we build, ensuring they are both beautiful and functional.

3. Responsive website design

Over half of your site visitors will come from a mobile device, and for some websites, that percentage is much higher. Hence, you cannot afford to cut corners with mobile website development.

Having a responsive website, meaning one that is friendly for mobile devices, is imperative. All websites we build are mobile responsive, so no matter where your visitor comes from, your site will adjust itself to the size of their screen. You can trust our responsive website development company to get the job done!

4. Enhance custom website development

We have website developers who know how to custom code (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) should your project involve highly customized, unique elements not found within a pre-designed website template.

That being said, custom coded websites can be cumbersome for a small business owner to manage on their own, unless they happen to read and write programming language. It can also be expensive because of the time spent and skill needed to write code, as well as what is needed to maintain the site with new code as you evolve.

For these reasons, through our custom website design and development services we prefer building websites using pre-designed templates and layouts, then customizing that layout to further suit your needs. This saves you money, and allows you to better manage and update the site on your own in the future. No coding needed!

5. Multi-platform experience

The multi-platform experience on your website means that the site has the ability to interact with technology across multiple touchpoints and various modalities such as touch, voice, vision, and motion.

The purpose of the multi-platform experience is to support a seamless and consistent user journey in the way the user wants to engage. That experience may include integrating apps, chat bots, augmented reality, or other AI components.

Let us know what your vision and goals are and we’ll find the right person on our custom website design and development team to make them become a reality.

6. Determine the best platform based on your needs and desired functionality

We can build your new website in WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Etsy, or Square. As a new client, we will meet with you to determine the scope of your project so we can better understand how you want your site to look, how you want people to interact with it, and what kind of functionality you need it to provide. Based on our conversation, we will recommend a platform we think is best for you and customize a quote for your website.

7. Development for eCommerce websites

If you need an eCommerce website, it means you have products or services you plan to sell online, complete with a way for the user to place an order and process their payment, along with a way for you to track inventory. Depending on your needs for eCommerce website development services, the platform you choose may vary.

If you’re not sure which platform for your website you should use, no problem! The experts at our eCommerce website development company can help you pick the one that best suits your business.

8. Monitoring, Maintenance & Support

After we build a website, we believe in empowering clients to manage and maintain their site as much or as little as they would like.

You have several options:

· Request Help Docs to refer to later as you learn to manage the site on your own.

· Learn to manage and update the site through one-on-one tutoring sessions.

· Request changes to your site as needed, billed by the hour.

· Secure a Maintenance Retainer in which we maintain and update your site throughout the year.

Our Additional Services

Tutoring & Help Docs

At your request, we offer help documents for future reference, provide screen recorded learning sessions, or offer one-on-one tutoring via Zoom. Tutoring sessions will include both your website designer and the Creative Director so you have both of the people present who built and delivered your website.

Maintenance Retainers

For those of our clients that are more hands-off and prefer that we take on all maintenance and management of your site, we offer Maintenance Retainers.

Your maintenance retainer starts when your site is completed and lasts for one year, renewable indefinitely.

During your retainer, we ensure your website is working as it should. Each month we push through security updates, form updates, theme updates, and more. We also welcome you to submit content changes and updates. We will prioritize these requests when you are one of our Retainer clients.

If you have a website built by another website development company, we are willing to audit your site and offer you a Maintenance Retainer should its management fall within our scope of skill sets.

Request a Free Discovery Call

Our initial consultation is FREE. We meet with you to learn your vision and goals. Then, we recommend where to focus our efforts and provide a quote for your project.

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“It is a delight to work with Lamplight Creatives on my business website. They are responsive, listen well, and iterate until I have exactly what I envisioned. Love it!”

Lynne Brown Writing

“I had the best experience with Lamplight Creatives! They built my website from the bottom up and I could not be happier with the outcome!”

Skin Maven

“Allison and her team are amazing! They are so helpful and professional. Communication was on point throughout the entire job. I would highly recommend Lamplight Creatives for all of your website building needs!”

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Your Virtual Website Development Team


Your website will always be branded with your logo and colors to create a consistent brand appeal. Upon request, we will create a professional email address to match your domain name so your brand is as polished as your new website!


Our Specilization:

We specialize in custom WordPress website development.

Here are a few reasons why we love to build in it:

  • WordPress is the most popular website development platform in the world and includes more than 50,000 plugins to create a desired functionality. This means WordPress has robust design capabilities with dynamic development opportunities.
  • WordPress is a good platform to grow with your organization. As a startup, you may only need a few pages on your site. As your business evolves, WordPress is an excellent platform to evolve with you. Need a shop? No problem. Need a sales page for a sales funnel? No problem. Need a blog? No problem.
  • There are thousands of pre-designed WordPress templates to choose from. Whatever the look or feel of your website should be, there’s likely a well-built layout already out there for us to customize for you. On the contrary, if you need custom website design and coding, WordPress is an ideal platform for website programmers to build in.
Although we love WordPress, it isn’t always for everyone. We offer more than WordPress website development services. It’s our job to meet you where you are and deliver a website perfect for you and your business’ needs.

Why Hire Lamplight Creatives?

We know you have options and that there are other website development companies out there. Lamplight Creatives is unique because we not only have the skills to build you a dynamic website, we also have marketing professionals with many other skill sets you might need while we develop your site.

Other developers don’t always have someone on the team who can complete all the parts of your website, which often leads to you working with multiple people or places. That’s what makes our website design and development company so unique!

We hope you consider us as your virtual team offering total website development services for all your needs.

FAQs about Website Development

1. Do you offer maintenance plans after building my website?

Yes, we do! Our maintenance retainers are for one year and renewable indefinitely. As a retainer client, your needed website updates are prioritized, generally completed in 1-5 business days.

2. Do you provide ongoing updates and maintenance to my website if requested?

Yes. We are always willing to make updates to your website as requested and charge by the hour. Whether that includes updating content, switching out photos, or making design changes, just let us know how we can help.

3. Do you host my website on a private server?

No. We like to keep hosting up to the experts to ensure your site is always secure and online. We can recommend a host we know and trust for your new website if needed, and we will take care of getting your site connected to the host you choose.

4. What if I have a website I don’t love and want to rebuild it?

You came to the right place! We are happy to revamp your existing website and transform it into a site you will be proud to relaunch into the world.

5. Can you teach me how to update the backend of my website?

Yes, when we build your website, we always offer you a backend tour to acquaint you with it when we are done. We also offer help docs for future reference. And, if you need one-on-one tutoring, we can do that too.

6. What platform do you recommend I build my new website in?

We can build websites in WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Etsy, and Square. As a new client, we offer a free discovery call to learn about your vision and goals so we can recommend the best platform for your needs. From Shopify website development services to WordPress website development, we bring multiple areas of expertise to the table.

7. Can you move my old website to a new domain name?

Yes, if you have purchased a new domain name, we can forward the old domain to the new domain so the user experience is not interrupted and people continue to land where you want them to, no matter which domain name they type in.

8. Do you provide copywriting services for developing website content?

We sure do! Our online copywriters have developed copy for dozens of websites and know how to frame your messaging to engage your site visitors.

9. Can you help make my website show up at the top of Google’s search results?

Yes. This is done through Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO. Our website search engine optimization specialists do extensive keyword research to ensure the copy on your site uses quality phrases that search engines look for. The SEO specialists also have vast technical knowledge to optimize the backend of your website site so Google finds it and serves it in top results when a user makes a search inquiry.

10. How much should I expect my new website to cost?

If you’re asking yourself ‘how much does it cost to develop a website’, there’s no easy answer. The cost for your new website will vary based on the platform you choose, the functionality you require, and the number of pages we need to build. However, most websites we build cost between $1,000 and $5,000, with a higher range for more complex projects.

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