Pinterest Ads Campaign Management Services in Corvallis, Oregon

Boost your brand’s visibility and drive traffic to your website with our expert Pinterest ads campaign management services.

Pinterest is a great choice for social media advertising, especially if you are selling products to women. Our Pinterest ads specialists are experienced in helping you promote your business to increase your bottom line.

Why work with a Pinterest Ads Agency

For many businesses, social media marketing is fundamental to their sales strategy. In today’s digital world, using Pinterest ads to reach a specific group of consumers is a valuable tactic that our Pinterest ads specialists have studied, practiced, and found success in many times over.

Since Pinterest is always updating their platform, algorithms, and community guidelines, hiring an expert in Pinterest advertising will set you up for success.

When you work with our Pinterest ads agency, we will:


Develop a customized Pinterest marketing campaign

Perform an industry analysis and keyword research

Create the imagery and content needed

Implement, monitor, and manage your ads

Review your ad’s performance with a Pinterest rep

Provide monthly data on ad performance

The best ad agencies have technical skills, connections, and experience to offer. Hiring Lamplight Creatives brings you those skills, connections, and expertise.

Benefits of Advertising on Pinterest

Over 80% of the users on Pinterest are females, in age groups across the lifecourse.

Pinterest users, on average, have a higher household income than other social media sites, allowing them greater buying power.

Why Use Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest is the go-to social media platform for people who value DIY activities, art, and decor. Through Pinterest ads, you can reach an audience of people who love crafting, cooking, building things, gardening, and more.


  • Introduce users to your brand
  • Find people looking to try new things
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate new leads
  • Supplement or increase in-store purchases

Why Advertise on pinterest?

We’re here to help you decide which Pinterest Ad strategy is best for you. During the discovery phase, our Pinterest ad agency will identify the best format, then proceed to create a unique ad campaign for your organization.

Standard Pin Ad

Video Pin Ad

App Install Pins

Promoted App Pins

Shoping Pin Ads

Story Pins

Carousel Pin Ads

Pinterest Ads Services

At Lamplight Creatives, we offer full-service Pinterest advertising – from discovery and development to implementation and management.

After learning about your objectives and target market, we’ll gain an understanding about who is buying your products, their interests and buying habits, and more. Then, we’ll develop a strategy to effectively target your particular audience.

Getting started with Pinterest Advertising Services includes:

  • In-depth consulting services
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Industry and customer analysis
  • Ad development
  • Device targeting
  • Defining audiences
  • Geographic targeting

Ongoing Pinterest Ads Support includes:

  • Monitoring and adjusting Pinterest marketing campaigns for business
  • Reporting and analytics, with recommendations based on trends
  • Continuous board and profile optimization
  • Refreshing ad copy and imagery (for multi-month campaigns)

Request a Free Discovery Call

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Pinterest Advertising Plans

1 Month Campaign

This Pinterest ads service is designed for businesses that are offering a time-sensitive product or expecting a quick turnaround on sales.

3 Month Campaign

The longer a Pinterest ad runs, the more time we have to improve it for optimal performance. A 3-month campaign is ideal for businesses committed to a long-term advertising strategy.

Pinterest Ads Cost

Your budget for ad spend may vary based on your goals. However, you can expect to spend at least $300 a month on your Pinterest ads.

Ad spend is not included in our management fee. Based on your goals, we will custom quote you after a Discovery Call.

Management fees are based on a 1 month minimum payment, no matter the duration of your Pinterest ad.

Let’s get started and watch your business thrive!

FAQs about Pinterest Ads

1. How is Pinterest Advertising different from Facebook and Instagram Advertising?

While Facebook and Instagram may have more overall users than Pinterest, they have a much different audience. Facebook is largely an audience aged over 45, and Instagram is largely those below the age of 40. Pinterest not only has a user base of all ages, it is also frequented by a niche group of DIYers with a higher household income than those on Facebook and Instagram, on average.

2. What is the average Pinterest ads cost?

We recommend a budget of at least $10 a day, so around $300 a month. After monitoring your ads for a period of time, we may advise to increase this ad spend, if necessary.

3. What is the management fee for running my Pinterest ads?

Our management fee is in addition to your Pinterest ads spend. It starts at $350 a month.

4. How do you ensure your reporting and results are transparent?

We generate reports from your Pinterest ad account. All data is visible to you in real-time. We do not run your ads from an agency account that you don’t have full access to. Therefore, we cannot inflate actual results.

5. Is your Pinterest marketing company able to handle large clients?

Yes. Our Pinterest marketing agency serves businesses of all sizes, and we love supporting businesses local to the Corvallis area!

6. How long does a Pinterest advertising campaign last?

It depends on your goals. If you are having a flash sale or a limited time BOGO offer, you may choose to run your Pinterest ads for a week. If you are interested in using Pinterest as a platform to supplement your sales, you might choose to run ads for a month. Some businesses commit to year-long advertising as part of their consistent Pinterest marketing strategy.

7. Does your Pinterest marketing agency work with other platforms as well?

Yes. Our Pinterest agency has social media specialists for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

8. How will your Pinterest marketing agency move people from the planning stage to buying?

Consistent Pinterest advertising is an effective strategy to accomplish this goal. The more times a user sees your ad, the higher the chance they remember you in the future. Repetition matters when it comes to marketing, and Pinterest advertising is no different. The more times you appear in someone’s feed, the higher the chance that they eventually convert.

Our Other Services

When you work with a Pinterest ad marketing agency like Lamplight Creatives, you have access to our network of creatives that can assist with other marketing needs.

 We can also help you with:

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