Google Ads Campaign Management Services in Corvallis, Oregon

Maximize your online visibility with our professional Google Ads campaign management services.

In our digital world, being visible online is important. And it’s even more important to be at the top of search results when someone looks for a product or service like yours.


Did you know?

  • The #1 position in Google’s search results gets around 33% of the traffic from people searching for that term.
  • If you rank #4 in search results, that number drops to around 10%.
  • If you are in the #10 spot, it gets you closer to only 1%.

Through Google Ads campaign management, our specialists work behind the scenes to get your business noticed in the Google search engine and ranked in top results. Google Ads are a powerful addition to your marketing strategy and can boost sales exponentially.

Benefits of Google Ads


Get Your Business in Top Results

Price Per Click campaigns, also known as PPC campaigns, are an effective way to move you to the top of Google’s search results, leading to increased revenue. Hiring us as your Google PPC agency means you have us working behind-the-scenes to make this happen.

Outrank Your Competitors

When you place a Google Ads campaign, you are bidding against your competitors to ensure your website shows above theirs in search results. When you hire us as your Google Ads marketing agency, it’s our goal to get your business the clicks.

Be Seen by Prospective Customers

Most people don’t go to the second page of search results. In fact, most don’t even scroll past the top few results. When your business appears in top search results, you get more visibility. Through our Google Ads services, we assist you in getting more leads.

Google Adwords Management Services

Win with clicks over your competition! As an experienced Google Ads agency, we know that the keywords used in your Google Ads campaign are a valuable component of your strategy.

Choosing keywords that not only speak to the product or service you offer but are also used by consumers in searches is important to the success of your campaign.

This is where our Google Adwords agency will help. Our Google Ads specialists are here to do the research necessary about your business, industry, and competitors so we can make informed decisions when choosing keywords to optimize your campaign.


Google Advertising Services Include:

  • Management by our Google PPC agency experts
    • On a weekly basis
  • Campaign Optimization
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Ads Analysis
    • Campaign Creation
    • Ad Copy Creation
  • Monthly Google Ads Manager Reports
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Monthly Meetings
  • Campaign Support
    • Throughout your retainer

Through our Google Ads services, we are committed to getting to know your target customer and area in order to elevate your visibility on Google where it matters.

Request a Free Discovery Call

Our initial consultation is FREE. We meet with you to learn your vision and goals. Then, we recommend where to focus our efforts and provide a quote for your project.

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads push your business in front of potential customers who are searching for a product or service like yours.


The cost for running your ads can vary. Depending on the type of business you have and how competitive relevant keywords for your products or services are, a monthly budget for your Google Ads will vary.

You can expect, however, to spend $500-750 for your monthly ad spend. A starting budget of this size is substantial enough to make an impact. Much less may be hard to compete for top results in most industries.


You can choose your timeframe and budget, even decide what days to spend more or less for Google Ads (like if you go on vacation and are out of the office). Google will automatically adjust your budget to ensure you still spend what you want within your timeframe.

Google Ads Services for All Types of Businesses

Home Services Industries

  • Contractors, Plumbers, Painters
  • Maid Services, Pressure Washing
  • Pest Control, Mold Remediation
  • Handyman, Woodworking
  • Glass Repair, Locksmiths
  • Paving, Roofing, Siding, Windows
  • and more

Professional Services

  • Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Therapists
  • Website Design, Social Media Agencies
  • Colleges, Tutoring Services
  • Financial Services, Insurance
  • Enginnering Firms, Architects
  • IT Services, Computer Security
  • and more

Home Services Industries

  • Jewelry, Weddings
  • Automotive Body, Repair, Parts, Glass
  • Industrial Suppliers
  • Gifts, Holidays
  • Custom Made Items, Printed Items
  • Eco-Friendy Items
  • and more
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Why Hire Lamplight Creatives?

At Lamplight Creatives, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent so you know what to expect and when to expect it. We work closely with our clients to get to know you and your target audience in order to achieve the best results.

Our Google Ads services specialists will do the research needed to inform you of an accurate budget and attainable goals. And, you’ll find we have competitive pricing for this service by local specialists.


Our Google Adwords management services specialists will:

  • Achieve positive results
  • Provide long-term and short-term management
  • Have clear communication
  • Provide ongoing support for our Google Ads services
  • Offer detailed monthly reports

FAQs about Google Ads

1. Are landing pages for my campaigns included in this service?

No, but we can build them for an additional cost. Our Adwords agency also has copywriters on the team who can create any content needed.

2. Do Google Ads work?

Absolutely. Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, getting about 90% of all the searches made worldwide. Our proven Google Ads management agency will devise a campaign that gives you a ton of potential for exposure and sales.

3. Do you guarantee leads?

While we cannot guarantee how consumers will make searches or respond to Google Ads, we can guarantee that our Google Ads services specialists will make informed decisions and apply tried and true strategies to get their attention and click on your ad.

4. How can I keep track of my campaign performance?

Our Adwords agency uses your ad account to place your Google Ads so you have full access to everything we do, and can see real-time data. We also provide you with detailed monthly reports showing how your Google Ads campaigns are performing. Plus, you should see an increase in calls, sales, and site traffic!

5. How do you charge for Google Adwords management?

On top of your monthly ad spend, you can expect to pay at least $500 for the management of your Google Ads. This includes weekly activity and adjustments by your Google Ads services specialist, monthly meetings if desired, and unlimited email access to our Creative Director.

6. How much budget do I need for Google Ads?

How much Google Ads cost depends on how popular or niche your product or service is. The more popular the keywords associated with your business are, the more it will cost to compete in that category. Typically, we suggest you prepare for at least a $750 ad spend budget.

7. What should my Google ads budget be?

While this varies for each business, you should expect to spend at least $750 a month on your Google Ads. After a discovery call with you to learn about your business and goals, our Google Adwords agency will recommend a starting budget for you.

8. Why do I need an agency to manage my Google Ads?

Google Ads takes a skill set that combines knowledge of how the Internet works and Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. Our Adwords agency specialists are professionals who have practiced and studied the art of Google Ads campaigns for years and have many successful campaigns under their belts.

9. Why should my business pay for Google Ads services?

When your business is at the top of search results, you get more exposure, leading to more sales. Businesses that rank in the top spot of results get over 30% of the clicks for those keywords. Being ranked in the 10th position gets you only 1% of the clicks. You want to win with clicks over your competition and Google Ads services help you do that!

Our Other Services

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You’ve come to the right place!

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