Facebook & Instagram Ads Services in Corvallis, Oregon

Maximize your reach and generate leads with powerful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Social media changed the way our society communicates, shops, and stays connected. Using social media to your advantage can be a marketing game-changer. And, a Facebook advertising agency can help you make that happen!

Why advertising on social media matters

Facebook is the biggest source of display advertising, and Facebook now owns Instagram. They are the first and third most popular social media platforms in the United States. Through Facebook Ads, your brand can be found across multiple platforms, including Instagram.

Why to hire a Facebook & Instagram Ads Agency

The average Facebook and Instagram users refresh their newsfeeds dozens of times daily. This means you have many opportunities each day for them to see your ad.

When you’ve teamed up with a Facebook ad agency and paid for a Facebook Ad, your sponsored content is likely to be fed through to the people that algorithms deem a good target based on how we set your ad’s demographics.

How Facebook & Instagram Ads are effective

Since social media algorithms respond to what they know about each individual user, placing a Facebook or Instagram ad means the algorithms help find your ideal customer.

That’s where joining forces with our Facebook and Instagram advertising agency can pay off!

When you work with your Facebook Ads specialist, we will ask questions to build out your customer profile. Then, we will set your ad to target certain genders, locations, education levels, income levels, hobbies, shopping habits, and interests based on what we learn.

Expand your reach through Facebook Advertising

The digital ad specialists at our Facebook ad management agency will do the research needed about your business, industry, and competitors. We will also gain insight into what your competitors might be paying for their Facebook Ads so you can compete for some of that attention.

All of this helps us make an informed decision about what your budget and timeframe should be based on your sales goals.

Pay to Play in this valuable shopping space

Worried about the cost of advertising on Facebook and Instagram? Depending on the product or service you are selling, your Facebook Ad strategy could prove to be lucrative. We’ll help you determine a reasonable budget based on the goals of your campaign and the price of your product.

Your ad will be linked directly to your product’s landing page, making it easy for consumers to buy in just a few clicks. This streamlined approach can promote around the clock sales with minimal effort on your part.

Benefits of Facebook & Instagram Advertising

How Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns help your business

Generate Leads

Build Revenue

Increase Brand Awareness

Boost Engagement

Acquire New Customers

Drive Traffic

Increase Sales

Promote Specials/Events

Re-Engage Customers

When you work with our Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising agency, your ad setup includes keyword research, audience targeting, regional targeting, and knowing the correct budget to use and for what amount of time.

Why Advertise on Facebook & Instagram?

Perks of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Ad campaigns that run across both Facebook and Instagram result in similar or better performance than website clicks, website conversions, and video views compared to when they are run on just one platform. The algorithms are more stimulated by an ad that is running in multiple places because it has more of a chance to analyze user behavior and target the right people, who might be in different places.

Every social media platform has its own unique set of user demographics.

Facebook’s largest demographic are people over the age of 45.

Instagram's largest group are people aged 25-40.

This means an ad on both platforms can reach people across the life course who have buying power. And, running an ad in both places means you double your chances to reach the right buyer!

Facebook Advertising

customer buying journey


Our Facebook & Instagram Advertising Services

Having us on your team means you have professional attention to your Facebook Ad strategy.

When you work with our Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising agency, we learn about your goals and customers, then devise an ad strategy to best target your social media audience. 

Setting up your ad includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Audience targeting
  • Regional targeting
  • Finding the correct budget & timeline
  • Monitoring your ads to ensure they are delivering as expected

Process of Advertising Management Services

Setting up and managing your Facebook and Instagram Ads can include:

  • Pixel setup
  • Domain verification
  • Customized ad strategy
  • Designing imagery for the ads
  • Creating and writing the ad copy
  • Monitoring and adjusting ad performance
  • Providing monthly performance reports

As a result of our Facebook marketing services, you can strategically control the flow of traffic to your website or landing page.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Pricing


We recommend you run your ad for 30 days in most cases. When you run an ad for an extended period of time, you allow the algorithms to learn who interacts with your ads so it can, in turn, deliver it to more people like them.

Ad spend

Choosing the proper budget to cover your Facebook and Instagram advertising goals allows your business to compete with other businesses like yours who are targeting the same demographic. Based on what we discover about your unique situation, we will recommend a budget for you.

Total budget

Your budget for Facebook advertising services includes the management fee for your ad specialist and your ad spend, paid directly to Facebook. While your ad spend can vary, you should expect to spend at least $500 in any given month.

What commitment to expect

We require at least a 1-month commitment for Facebook and Instagram ad services.

This gives us time to:

  • Drive traffic from your ad to your landing page takes time to gain traction in the social sphere.
  • Do the necessary keyword and competitor research in addition to defining the buyer’s journey.
  • Test the different variations of content, headlines, audiences, and imagery.
  • Fine-tune and optimize your ad to achieve the best results!

FAQs about Facebook & Instagram Ads

1. Can I create Instagram ads without a Facebook Page?

Yes, you can create ads on Instagram without a Facebook page. You can also track the performance of your ads, manage them, and get insights on Instagram.

2. Can I run an ad on both Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, you can run your ads on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. You can add an existing campaign from Instagram to Facebook and vice versa. Or, you can start a new campaign that runs on both platforms.

3. How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook ads target users based on location, demographic, and profile information. Your target audience will see these ads as they scroll through their Facebook feed. You will set your budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions. Facebook records views as impressions and likes and comments as engagement.

4. How much do marketing agencies charge for Facebook advertising services?

There is no minimum or maximum budget for Facebook or Instagram ads, although you can expect to spend a few hundred dollars for decent results. We charge you for management on a monthly basis at a flat-rate. Your management fee is on top of your ad spend budget.

5. Is it better to run Instagram ads through Facebook?

Although both are social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram differ in many ways. If you want more website clicks and engagement for written content, Facebook is an excellent choice. Instagram, on the other hand, is a more visual platform and is more suitable for growing brand awareness using visual content. The age of your target audience is also a factor when picking a platform.

6. Should I hire someone to run my Facebook ads?

Facebook ads require you to place bids. In other words, you would end up losing money if you don’t know how to run your campaigns. So, hiring an expert Facebook ad management agency like Lamplight Creatives can be invaluable so you spend your money where it matters.

7. Which Facebook Ads are the most effective?

Video ads are perhaps the most effective Facebook PPC ads. You can use Facebook’s in-app Creator Studio tool to create videos and slideshows. But you can always create and upload your own videos. And our Facebook paid advertising services can help you create impactful videos!

8. Whom can I target with Facebook ads?

You can use Audience Insights to identify and tap your target audience. You can find people who are like your ideal customers. But Facebook’s largest demographic are people over the age of 45.

9. Why did Facebook reject the ads for my ad?

Usually, Facebook rejects an advertisement for one of the following three reasons: 

  1. You are promoting a prohibited product/service. 
  2. You are promoting a restricted product/service. 
  3. You didn’t follow Facebook guidelines for creating ads, landing pages, or ad copies.

As seasoned Facebook ads experts, we ensure your ads comply with the required guidelines so you don’t have to face this issue.

10. Will Facebook Ads show up on Instagram?

When you create ads from Facebook, they will appear on Instagram and vice versa. But you will need to have a professional/business account. And in some regions, you may need to connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account.

Our Other Services

When you work with a Facebook ad marketing agency like Lamplight Creatives, you have access to our network of creatives that can assist with other marketing needs.

 We can also help you with:

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