One stop for all your creative needs.

Most business owners don’t have extra time for managing more projects. Conceptualizing and completing creative endeavors can be time-consuming and involve a lot of moving parts. Because of this, promotional projects often get stopped in their tracks.

When it comes to addressing your marketing goals, we go to work for you.

Get help, not headaches.


We have

a network of talent to suit your goals

We vet

the quality of work from the vendors we use

We know

where to go to print or produce your concept


We coordinate

with all parties needed to complete your project

At Lamplight Creatives, you only work with our Creative Director. She takes care of all the coordination and communication needed between all parties involved in your project. She works closely with the creatives, vendors, and publications needed to launch your concept into the world without exhausting you in the process.


Our initial consultation is FREE to new clients. We meet with you to learn your vision, values, and goals so that we can get to know you better. Then, we recommend where to focus our efforts to start working towards those goals.


All our services are custom quoted based on your exact needs and the timeline associated with those needs. After our consultation, we will provide an estimate for each part of your project so that you choose which we will begin first.


A 50% down payment is required on all projects before they begin. No refunds are available for down payments. Final payment is expected in full at the time of project completion or on a monthly billing cycle depending on the length of your project.

Whatever your next project, our team will get it done.