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Claim Online
Business Listings

Did you know you can list your business online for FREE? We recommend these six places to claim your listing to make you more findable when someone searches for a business or service like yours.

claim free online business listings

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About Hashtags

These 10 tips answer some of our most common questions about using hashtags on Instagram. Gain a better understanding of how they work to improve the distribution of your posts.

hashtags tips for Instagram download

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Social Media
Demographic Worksheet

Each social media platform has a different demographic of users. This worksheet will help identify exactly who you’re looking for based on what you know about your customer, and the platform they’re likely on.

social media demographic worksheet


Recommended Email Marketing Tools

These recommended email tools will give a good bang for your buck (or no bucks). Get an overview of their capability and cost so you can choose the one best for your business’ email marketing strategy.

find email marketing tools for your business

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Messaging Clarity Worksheet

Finding the right words that resonate with your audience can be hard. Get intimate with the details of who, exactly, you are targeting with this worksheet to create a solid starting point for clear messaging.

clear messaging prompts

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Color Science Tips
for design

Every color elicits different emotions and prompts a potential customer to take different actions. Use this guide to learn how to best use color in your designs to make the right first impression.

color science tips for design


Branding Clarity Prompts

Get 27 prompts to help you think critically about your brand and create a clear image of how it will inspire people to feel. Use these prompts to help you dial down how you will present your brand to the world.

prompts for brand clarity

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Website Checklist

Audit your website and see what you might be missing. This checklist covers everything from how people move through your website, where Calls to Action are placed, and how you present content to the user.

website checklist

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Email Structure Tips

We’ve compiled valuable tips so you can create compelling emails that get real results. Learn how to structure email campaigns, suggestions for content, and best practices for sharing that content.⁠

email marketing tips

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Google Business
Setup Guide

Set up your Google Business profile so Google’s algorithms will favor you. This step-by-step guide walks you through every part and explains why each matters.

prompts for brand clarity worksheet

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Hashtag Worksheet

Using quality hashtags with your social media posts is important. This worksheet is designed to guide you in a 5-prong approach to finding and planning hashtags perfect for your business.

website checklist

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Content Planning Worksheet

These prompts will help you find content ideas for your Instagram Stories. Stories are a great way to showcase your personality and create a relationship with viewers.

Instagram worksheet for free

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