Marketing Consultation Services in Corvallis, Oregon

Elevate your marketing strategy and achieve your business goals with our personalized marketing consultation services

Our Marketing consulting services are tailored to the needs of your organization. We work with startups, growing companies, and established businesses to achieve your goals in whatever stage of business you are in, or to help you move into a new stage of your business.

Depending on your needs, you will find that we have a robust team of professionals across all areas of marketing. Working with us means you not only have one-on-one time with our creative director, you also have access to our entire network of creative digital marketing consultants.

When Do You Need Marketing Consulting Services?

You are the expert in your business. But that doesn’t always mean you know the most effective ways to market your products or services and reach your intended audience. That’s where a marketing consultant comes in.

If you find yourself wanting to expand into a new market, grow your existing services, or introduce a new product, Lamplight Creatives can help you see things in a new light. As business leaders, we know our business so well that sometimes we miss things that are obvious to a fresh pair of eyes. Investing in our digital marketing consulting services means you not only have someone with a renewed focus on your team, you also have a collaboration partner who has expertise in many aspects of marketing.

How can Digital Marketing Consultant Services help your business?

When you work with a B2B marketing consultant, you glean insight that has taken them years to acquire, and you leverage their expertise as you plan your strategic marketing efforts.

Through our strategic marketing consulting services, we get to know the details of your business, who your customers are, what digital platforms those customers are likely to be found on, and how you can best connect with them.

With your knowledge of your business and our knowledge of how to market a business, we are confident that you will find it beneficial to bring our marketing consulting service on board.

Explore Our Marketing Consulting Services

With our help, you will be able to establish a strong digital presence, create clear messaging, and achieve results.

We can help with:

  • How to pick the best website platform for your business
  • Best practice for creating content for your website optimized for search engines
  • How to pick which social media platform to use
  • Help planning and executing social media marketing efforts
  • How to pick an email marketing tool for your business
  • Creating content for your email campaigns
  • Managing your Google Business account
  • Developing online advertising campaigns via Google Ads or social media ads
  • Setting up a sales funnel to keep your customers in a buying cycle
  • Developing brand style guides for brand consistency across all platforms
  • Designing digital or printed marketing materials
  • Creating press releases or other PR materials for a big announcement
  • And more!
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“I have really enjoyed working with Allison and her team at Lamplight Creatives. They have been extremely responsive to my needs and created a beautiful website. They helped me to refine my brand and look, and listened to me as I worked through important decisions. They offered guidance and direction as needed while also making sure the website and brand reflected me and my business. Allison is a good communicator and responds quickly to emails. I would definitely recommend Lamplight Creatives.”

Reimagine Research Group

“I have found that competence is important, which Allison has, but the ‘special sauce’ is real care and concern for other people, which she also has. I did not feel like her paycheck. I felt her spirit of service. She provided me insight and education that made a solid difference in my marketing.”

Apologue Perfumes

“What started as marketing consulting for our 40th anniversary, developed into a longer-term dynamic partnership for all of our marketing and branding needs, because we just couldn’t get enough! The level of quality, creativity, engagement and value that Allison and her team bring is outstanding and we highly recommend them for any project or need your growing business/organization has!”

Community Services Consortium

Hire a Marketing Consultant

By the hour

Get one-on-one consulting to help discover what is possible for your project and how to implement it. During our consulting sessions, you have direct access to our Creative Director, leveraging her knowledge to improve your marketing efforts and outcome. You may book as many sessions as you would like, whenever they are convenient for you. No commitment necessary.

Hourly consultations are perfect for DIY’ers who want to bounce ideas around, get help when needed, or ask for direction as you implement your marketing and promotion strategy.

By retainer

Consultation on retainer gets you weekly meetings with our Creative Director to discuss new or urgent initiatives. Teammates are welcome to join meetings so everyone can be a part of the conversation. 

PLUS, you have an agreed upon number of hours each week in which our Creative Director goes to work for you on whatever tasks are assigned within her skill set. If a skill set is required that is outside of her expertise, she will recruit a marketing professional in our network to complete that portion of the project. Consider us a virtual extension of your team!

Consultation on Retainer is designed for those with long-term projects or goals. Retainers are secured for a minimum of 3 months.

FAQs about Marketing Consulting

1. Why is marketing your business important?

Every business has competitors and staying ahead of the competition is important. When you invest in branding and marketing services, you are investing in the future of your business. In today’s digital world, being findable online and showing up on the first page of results means more potential customers can find you. Since the digital landscape is constantly changing, it is important that you are constantly adjusting your marketing strategy to stay relevant in your industry and maintain consistent growth.

2. When does your small business need marketing assistance?

Your time is valuable, and as a small business leader, you likely wear many hats. When you find that your marketing plan is abandoned or your attention to marketing efforts is stagnant, you are ready for marketing assistance. When you hire a marketing consultant for small businesses, you get to focus on what you do best while they focus on what they do best. Every business deserves laser focused attention to its ultimate success.

3. How do you know what kind of marketing activities your business needs?

Not all marketing plans are created equal. Every business has a unique value proposition and a unique group of customers. Factors to consider when honing in your marketing efforts largely includes the particular demographics of your customers. Evaluating your business and understanding where and how your customers find you will give insight into your most effective marketing channels. As a small business owner, you probably have little time for thorough market research. That’s why our digital branding and marketing services are here to ensure you reach the right people.

4. What are the benefits of continuous marketing efforts?

When you commit to continuous marketing activities, you are increasing the likelihood that your organization stays relevant in the mind of consumers. It takes 5-7 times for most people to see a brand before they actually remember it. By constantly showing up online, in newspapers, or on billboards you are making continuous impressions on consumers, increasing the chance they contact you when they need a product or service like yours.

5. Why is marketing a continuous process?

Society is constantly evolving, as should your business. The needs of consumers change on a regular basis and it’s important that your business adapts its marketing strategy to stay aligned with those needs. As you continue investing in your marketing efforts, you ensure that your business stays abreast of societal trends and pushes your business into the top choice among consumers.

6. Why does your business need a marketing plan?

Successful businesses don’t grow overnight and they usually don’t succeed by accident. When you work with a digital marketing consultant for small businesses, you are being intentional about your goals and strategizing how to best achieve those goals. Having a marketing plan means you are committed to giving your business the attention it deserves and holding yourself accountable. And a solid marketing plan ultimately gives your business an edge for rising above the competition.

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