How to use hashtags on Instagram

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Hashtags are very important in leading people to your Instagram page. You should always use them with your posts to connect with like-minded people and drive them to engage with your page. The ultimate goal, of course, is that they convert into being your paying customer.

But, what’s the best way to use hashtags on Instagram to find your next customer?

People often ask us this question in an effort to expand their reach and get better results. So, we wanted to offer you some general rules we know based on data from a 2018 study.

These findings are from Social Insider, a social media analytics agency, which analyzed 649,895 brand posts on Instagram from 6,784 business profiles. Business profiles analyzed ranged from large to small businesses.

Here are 5 things they discovered about using hashtags on Instagram:


      • 87% of brands prefer using hashtags in the caption.

      • Using hashtags in the caption brings the most impressions, regardless of the size of the Instagram account.

      • Profiles with fewer than 5K followers have performed best when using 6 hashtags in the caption.

      • Putting 2 hashtags in the first comment will drive a few more likes.

      • Posts with over 25 hashtags never went up to the higher levels of engagement, compared to posts with a lower number of hashtags.

    How do you hide your hashtags in an Instagram post?

    Hiding hashtags can create a cleaner overall look to your post and eliminates the chance that your hashtags take away focus from your message. To hide your hashtags in your caption, simply write your post then “dot + return” 3 to 5 times. Place your hashtags after your last “dot.”

    To learn what banned Instagram hashtags are and which are currently banned, click here.

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