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Website Development

Website development services include building from the ground up, redesigning an existing site, or moving an existing website into a new platform or domain. No matter which applies to you, we will design and develop a website that is attractive, user-friendly, and designed to convert visitors into customers.
Platforms we build in include: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and Etsy.

We help you determine what platform is best for you based on your needs and desired functionality. Functionality you might want includes an online store, a blog someone can subscribe to, access to an online course, ability to collect emails, client or member portal, or a gallery of your work.

Your website will be branded with your logo and colors to create a consistent brand appeal. We even create a professional email address to match your domain name so your brand is as polished as your new website!

As our client, you have access to our team of marketing professionals with various skill sets to get all the components you need for your website DONE. This might include logo development, team or product photos, video, aerial photography, illustrations, or copywriting.

All website builds are quoted based on your exact needs and timeline.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website get shown in first page search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!.

Lamplight Creatives focuses on placing Google Ads. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, so ask us about how this works! Your rankings deserve it.

There are several approaches to SEO services for your website. Generally, we start with a discovery call so we can understand your needs. Then we customize a plan for you based on those needs.

SEO services are recommended to be a long-term commitment. Work done on the backend of your website and other digital assets you may have takes time to be recognized in the digital sphere. In most cases, results show in 2-3 months.

When we begin to work together, we will do keyword research based on your business, product, or services. These keywords will be used to ensure when people type into a search engine, your website is attached to the RIGHT keywords.

Retainer packages for SEO services can be secured on a quarterly or annual basis. New clients receive the first 30 days free as we begin our work. Monthly insights will be sent thereafter benchmarking where you started and where you have moved up to.



You have all the answers about your business but it can be hard to get what you know out of your head. That’s where we come in! We create compelling copy for your new or existing website that is specific to your organization. Your website is often a consumer’s first impression of you, so we create content that uses the right tone and sends the right message to properly represent your brand. Our goal is for your website to generate sales through meaningful and targeted copy. Your copywriters will create content after an informational interview with you. During the interview, we ask a series of questions about you, your business, your customers, and your goals. This will give us what we need to craft the perfect messaging for your business that speaks to your customers. If you prefer to create content on your own and provide it to us, that works too. When you do this, our copyeditors will audit the content and provide feedback as needed. We will offer suggestions to better utilize keywords and calls to action on your website to ensure you inspire visitors to become customers.


Social Media

We always recommend your business or organization has a social media presence. But we also know it takes time that you may not have to maintain social media sites. We can help!

Our social media marketers can plan and create the content and imagery you need to keep your social feed fresh and engaging. We create content calendars to plan posts weeks or months in advance, and can schedule posts so they go out when the time is right without you doing a thing.

If you are not yet on social media, we can help you identify which platforms are best for you based on who your target audience is and the particular demographics of different social sites. Yes, each social site has its own set of user demographics!

For people interested in learning best practices for using social media but don’t know where to start, we offer one-on-one consultation services. We teach you how to design eye-catching graphics that are sized correctly for the social platform you use, and show you how to use hashtags as lead generating tools.


Video content is trending and continues to engage people longer than static imagery. Our videographers will create the stunning videos you need to tell your story.

Video you might include: informational videos for your website, social media ads, customer testimonials, event coverage, speaker reels, video ads, or commercials.

Your video’s length will vary based on how you plan to use it; oftentimes between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. We can collect footage over half day, full day, or multi-day shoots depending on your goals and intent for use.

Based on the complexity of your project, we include a consultation session with your videographer before or after shooting. Then we will embark on several rounds of edits and drafts for you to see as we refine, adding graphics and music as needed.

Upon completion, we will deliver the video file to you in various formats for use on web, social media, or email as needed in the future.


Original branded photos of your products, services, or staff helps localize your business with real people that work and live in our communities.

Our trained photographers provide high-quality photos for use on your website, blog, social media, or printed materials. With professional studio equipment, we can set up at your location or offsite to capture the images you need.

Photos you might need include: headshots, office shots, downtown photos, nature images, aerial photography, team photos, or product images. We have lighting and equipment to shoot inside or outside.

Delivered photo files can be used for anything from a billboard to a bus ad to a digital advertisement.

Photographers are available for half-day or full-day shoots. We are also available for multi-day and multi-location shoots for more extensive photography projects.


Press Releases

Press releases are an effective way for announcing news to outlets including accomplishments, events, and milestones. Journalists will often see a press release and contact the organization that sent it to write a featured article.

Our copywriters write press releases for you in AP style, the approved style of writing that journalists use. Writing your press release in this style gets the attention of news professionals and encourages outlets to publish it as-is, possibly without ever calling you for an interview.

Press releases spread news quickly and efficiently to publications across the state or nation. Depending on your goals, we will compile a comprehensive list of outlets – newspapers, radio and television stations, and magazines – to send press releases we create.

This form of mass communication can add an extra layer of promotion for things that are important you share with the world.


Ad Placement

A good advertising plan is important to any marketing strategy. Advertisements come in all forms – digital, printed, audio, video, and more.

We specialize in search engine ads, specifically for Google. An advertisement placed directly in Google’s search engine increases the chance of your business being on the first page results. As the most popular search engine in the world, you want to be findable on Google.

Ad placements also include creating postcards for mailing campaigns, as there is still a high success rate in traditional mail marketing for many types of businesses and services. Especially when we target the neighborhoods or regions in which they are mailed.

If you need ads placed on social media we can do that too! We have social media marketers in the network experienced in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest advertising.

Our marketing specialists are here to learn about your goals and define a strategy to best target your audience. From creating the image or copy needed, and coordinating with vendors and publications to get your ad placed where intended – we can do it all.

Email Marketing

Fact: mail marketing has a high return on investment. Especially if your copy is well-written and your email list is engaged. Our email marketers create the content and strategy you need to sell your products or services through email campaigns.

Not sure what software to use to collect emails and set up your email campaigns? No problem! Our digital strategists help you figure out what options will work within your needs and budget. We even offer one-on-one consulting to learn how to use the software in the future.

Or, if you want us to manage your email campaigns, which could include newsletters, seasonal offers, or a sales series, we can do that on your behalf.

For people with online products such as courses, webinars, or eBooks, we have copywriters and sales funnel experts to plan and automate your marketing efforts. We help plan your sales funnel to continue to build your email lists so you can sell to an engaged audience with the click of a button.



Your logo embodies the essence of your brand’s personality. From the colors, font, and its design, your logo sends a message immediately to consumers about who you are.

For the logo development process we follow these steps: sketch, refine, review, and finalize.

When our graphic designers develop your logo or revive your existing logo, we start with a discovery call to learn more about your vision. Knowing what you like and don’t like helps us define the direction we should go to begin.

You will be given 3-5 sketches of ideas we have for your logo. After you identify what you like from those sketches, we will then create your first digital draft. After receiving the draft of your logo, we then provide several rounds of revisions, playing with colors and fonts as we refine the design.

Your logo files will be provided in various formats for both digital or printed use. We also include horizontal and vertical versions so you have the right size to fit on anything you design in the future.

Graphic Design

The way your marketing materials are designed matter for the way people interact with them, receive messages, or respond to your calls to action. Great designs get people’s attention and we want you to get the attention you deserve!

Our graphic designers excel in branding and storytelling through creative design. Everything from color to no color matters in how you communicate with people and lead their eye.

When we create your materials, we keep in mind everything from how white space is used, how color theory says someone might react to chosen palettes, and what the hierarchy of importance in your message should be. All of this matters to ensure people see and respond to your call to action.

Graphic design needs might include: signs, menus, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, stationary, infographics, or book covers.

You might also want stylized year-end reports, branded PowerPoint presentations, or instruction manuals. We can do these too, and any other graphic design project you may have.


Signage comes in many forms both indoor and outdoor on windows and walls, busses and buildings.

Whether you need storefront signs, window decals, aisle way-signs, food labels, or posters, we’ve got you covered. Should you need custom frames made for signage, we can do that too!

Our graphic designers incorporate your brand elements, including your colors, font, and logo, onto all signage created for you. Your brand should have a consistent appeal no matter where people see it.

As a full-service creative agency, we also coordinate the printing and delivery of your signage. We have a trusted network of local vendors whom we have already vetted, so we can save you the hassle of finding someone on your own.

See our work.