Branding your social media: 5 things to do

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Branding your social media is important. About 60% of consumers say they visit a company’s social media sites before their website to judge credibility. Making an immediate impression on your visitors and speaking clearly to your brand’s essence on your social media sites is a must. Don’t get us wrong. Websites are important and necessary in our digital world. We want you to have an appealing, engaging website. But we also want you to have appealing, engaging social media sites. If consumers are vetting your social media sites to gauge whether you are a trustworthy figure in your industry, then abandoning this important step means you are missing out on potential customers. Good social media sites should confirm to your audience that you don’t just talk the talk but that you walk the walk. That you’re a leading force in your field of expertise. They want to believe in you. So, what does your social media presence tell your audience?

Here are 5 things you can do to gauge how well you’re doing on branding your social media:

      1. Ensure your social accounts accurately reflect your brand and products.
      1. Always have recent action to your sites so they don’t seem abandoned.
      1. Be sure all the information one would see is relevant.
      1. Reflect the personality and tone of your business in each post.
      1. Most importantly, don’t keep the focus on you. You’re building a relationship with your target audience so you must show them you understand them and their needs and that you support them. In return, they will support you.
    To learn more about how to ask yourself specific questions to define your brand, click here.

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