Confessions of a business owner: Part 3


When creating Lamplight Creatives, I actually questioned whether I needed a business card.

I’m a Millennial, after all, and it’s so easy to digitally connect with people these days that my generation often forgets about important leave-behinds like a business card.

But, not everyone is as comfortable with being totally digital as we are so it took me a little while to warm up to the idea of needing a business card. When I finally decided to make one, I faced a new challenge.



I became obsessed about how to design my card so that it was impactful. As a creative agency, if I couldn’t make my business card look good and send a strong message, then how would my clients trust me to do those things for them?

I decided to design my card to have the essence of Lamplight. I used our brand colors, I put a soft touch coating on it, and I used a spot-gloss on the text so that it shines in the light.

It was my intent that the shine of the text would compliment our tagline “Making Your Ideas Brighter.” The soft touch coating was to add a tactile appeal, making my card stand out from others when someone interacted with it.

These elements were not cheap. But neither is our quality of work. I wanted our business card to represent what we will do for our clients.

Fast-forward to recently when I received a consultation request from a person I had not spoken to before. As any business owner should, when I met him, I asked how he found Lamplight. His answer almost made me jump out of my seat.

He told me that he had walked into a place where I keep my business card as a resource. There are many other cards in this particular place. When he asked the person at this place for referrals of website developers, they handed him three cards. Mine and two others.

The man told me, “The other two cards made no sense to me but yours stood out. It resonated with me.”

His words were a firm reminder that a business card can be as good as a handshake. So, if you ever find yourself wondering “is my business card worth investing in,” I hope you remember this confession and realize that yes, indeed it is.

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