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At Lamplight Creatives, we believe in uplifting our communities by supporting the businesses within them. With a team of a dozen professionals, we all bring expertise to the table that we are excited to share with you. Our focus of this blog is to address topics within the scope of branding, marketing, and promotions with an emphasis on information that you can use to better your business. 

3 ways to market your business for FREE

It's not uncommon for people to ask us how they can advertise for free. We've found 3 ways to market your business for free, but we also want to remind you that no advertising is free advertising. Even if there isn't a dollar amount attached, you...

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Tips to launch your business into the Googlesphere

When we talk with small business owners, we find that these tips to launch your business into the Googlesphere are often overlooked. That's no fault to you, of course, because you only know what you know. So you can now know, we have listed them...

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2019’s banned Instagram hashtags, say what??

Using any of the banned Instagram hashtags can result in your Instagram account being suspended or your posts not being shown to any audience. This action is based on failure to follow the Instagram Community Guidelines. So, what are banned...

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Finding your specifics: dialing down your message

Over 90% of what people hear has nothing to do with the words you actually say. Finding your specifics is important. Choosing your words is important because, on average, only 7% of what we speak is actually heard. The other 93% is...

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How to use hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are very important in leading people to your Instagram page. You should always use them with your posts to connect with like-minded people and drive them to engage with your page. The ultimate goal, of course, is that they convert into...

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