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At Lamplight Creatives, we believe in uplifting our communities by supporting the businesses within them. With a team of a dozen professionals, we all bring expertise to the table that we are excited to share with you. Our focus of this blog is to address topics within the scope of branding, marketing, and promotions with an emphasis on information that you can use to better your business. 

25 digital tools to use in 2020

In our digital age, we know there are a TON of digital tools to use in 2020 to streamline your business, organize your work, and improve your customer experience. We also know it can be overwhelming to know which ones to use and why you should use...

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9 Marketing Trends for 2020

It’s that time of year! Everyone is talking about what trends we should expect in the New Year, and so are we! We have 9 marketing trends for 2020 based on insights from trendsetters and business analysts. But first: Have you defined your marketing...

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Confessions of a business owner: Part 2

Yesterday someone asked what resolutions I have for Lamplight Creatives in 2020. I have two defined goals in which I shared with them. Later that day, someone else asked what my word of the year will be. By that, they meant which word I will use to...

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Top 7 social media sites of 2019

Using social media as a tool to find customers is important in our digital world. But, how do you know who is using what social media platform? We've got the newest data showing the top 7 social media sites of 2019.    Why is this important?...

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Confessions of a business owner: Part 1

Since creating Lamplight Creatives, I’ve launched myself into the community from a totally different angle than ever before. This is my part 1 in the series: Confessions of a Business Owner. It’s taken me a few months to realize that I’m not just a...

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