3 ways to market your business for FREE

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It’s not uncommon for people to ask us how they can advertise for free. We’ve found 3 ways to market your business for free, but we also want to remind you that no advertising is free advertising.

Even if there isn’t a dollar amount attached, you still have to spend your time creating the ad, post, or promotional content. You have to spend your time making your plan and executing it. Your time is money, therefore everything costs something.

But, if we look past that, and talk about saving dollars, the question then becomes: How can I not spend money and still participate in advertising?


Rule of thumb, if we’re talking about free advertising, then word of mouth is one of the best ways to go. Potential customers love to hear from other consumers about their experience so they can be more confident in choosing a company they can trust.

Attending networking events with the right audience is key. Making sure you identify your customers and go to where they are to connect with them is key. Asking your clients for video or written testimonials is a good idea so you can use them on your platforms to sell your product or service – that’s as authentic as it gets.

That said, we’ve found three resources that offer ways to market your business for free.


Google Business

On Google Business, once you verify your business with them through a few simple steps, you can actually create posts to your profile. The posts are findable by people searching Google. Posts can be ads of sorts that you will provide your phone number, website, or specific offer to them. They expire every week and Google Business will prompt you with an email when that time comes so you can create a new one to continue the momentum. You can do this as much as you want.


Yelp Business

With Yelp Business, they also have profile pages in which you can add tag words for your services and products. This helps people interacting with the site find you. This platform, just like Google Business, also gives your customers a chance to review your business. Reviews give you an chance to capture valuable testimonials that will, in turn, help with your customer referrals.


Facebook Groups

You can also gain traction within Facebook groups. Please, keep in mind, 73% of U.S. adults are active on Facebook so this is a powerful platform.

To start, identify which groups your audience is in. For example: gardening, photography, cooking, writing, construction, technology, etc. Enter the key words you decide into the search bar to find similar groups. When you ask to enter into a Facebook group, you need to do so from a personal profile page, not a business page. Once accepted into the group, you can promote your business by posting things that speak to your target customer, link them to your website, or invite them to an event.

We hope these 3 ways to market your business for free have been helpful!

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