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We know how consuming running a business can be. We also know that not all of your great ideas can be given the attention they deserve. Let us go to work on your behalf so you can focus on running your business.

At Lamplight Creatives, we listen to your vision and learn about your values so we can relay them to your audience in unique and powerful ways. We help conceptualize your brand and image so you are instantly recognizable to consumers. We’re here to create what’s needed to tell your story, make it memorable, and launch it into the world.


We have

a network of talent to suit your specific goals

We know

where to go to print or produce your concept


We vet

the quality of work from the vendors we use

We coordinate

with all parties needed to complete your project

Our Marketing Services

Website Development

Every business needs an attractive, functional website. But building one can take hours out of your schedule, and unless you have previous experience, it will likely bring you more frustration than satisfaction. We’re here to save you the hassle.

We offer custom website design and development services for clients across many industries. If you don’t have a website yet, don’t worry! We’ll build you one. If you already have a website and are looking to give it a functional facelift, we can do that too! Once we’re done, you’ll have a beautiful website that will make your brand look respectable.

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If you thought having a website was enough, think again. During this digital age, you need to make sure it shows up on Google’s coveted first page results. The solution? Search engine optimization, of course!

At Lamplight Creatives, we offer long-term search engine optimization (SEO) services to improve your ranking and give you an edge over competitors. We use proven search engine optimization techniques to help you stay relevant and ahead of the curve! Because SEO is most effective as a long-term strategy, we recommend at least a 6-month commitment to see the best results.

Don’t let poor website visibility dampen your spirits. We can take your website right where it belongs – to the TOP! Request a free discovery call today.

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Search Engine Optimization helps your website get shown in first page search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!. There are several approaches to SEO services for your website. Generally, we start with a discovery call so we can understand your needs. Then we customize a plan for you based on those needs.

When we begin working together, we will do an audit of your website, followed by keyword research on your industry, services, and competitors. These keywords will be used to ensure when people make inquiries in search engine that relate to your business, your website is one of the top results shown.

SEO services are recommended to be a long-term commitment. We require a 3-month minimum commitment, ideally suited for 6 months or longer. Work done on the backend of your website and other digital assets you have takes time to be recognized by search engines. In most cases, results from our work start to show after 3 months.





Did you know that high-quality written copy is crucial to your brand image? Messaging affects how consumers perceive your brand and its credibility, which directly effects your conversions and sales.

Our copywriters excel in crafting unique content for websites, blogs, emails, or newsletters. We’ll find the right words to tell your story, explain what you do, and showcase your unique product or service. Whether you need compelling content for a new website or content for social media or email campaigns, our copywriting services can deliver on any front. Just tell us what you want and we’ll take it from there.

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Every brand needs a unique logo to stand out from the crowd. It gets your brand’s message across loud and clear, all while generating intrigue and recognition.

Logo designing takes thought and process to ensure it captures the essence of your brand and aligns with your vibe. Our custom logo design services are available for startups and established brands looking for a makeover. We listen to your vision and goals and create concepts tailored to your requirements.

All you need to do is tell us what you want during a discovery call and answer a branding questionnaire- that’s it. We’ll share sketches, refine, and review them until you’re happy with the results.

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Before we develop your new logo or revive your existing logo, we will have a discovery call to learn more about your vision. Then, you will answer a branding questionnaire so we can learn more about your organization, its history, customers, and overall preferences.

For the logo development process, we follow these steps: sketch, refine, review, and finalize.

You will be given 3-5 sketches of ideas we have for your logo based on what we learned from our call and questionnaire. After you identify what you like from those sketches, we will create your first digital draft.

After you receive the digital draft of your logo, we will provide several rounds of revisions, implementing your feedback while playing with colors and fonts as we refine the design.

Your logo files are provided in various formats for both digital or printed use, including horizontal and stacked versions. This ensures you have the right-sized logo to fit on things you design in the future such as letterheads, business cards, social media banners, and signage.


Graphic Design

Your marketing materials (flyers, signs, menus, and more) play a big role in your brand narrative. When you make a good first impression, you’ll turn first-time customers into brand champions.

We help you get noticed with great graphic design. Our graphic design services cater to businesses across many categories. We will be happy to create attractive materials for current, future, and online use. We’re professional, skilled, and always ready for an exciting challenge.

Trust our graphic designers to fit your branding needs to a tee and impress your clients without breaking a sweat. We look forward to you getting in touch with us for a free consultation.

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Your graphic design needs might include: signs, menus, vinyl wraps, brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards, stationary, infographics, event programs, or book cover. Our graphic designers specialize in branding and storytelling through creative design. When we create your materials, we keep in mind how white space is used, how color theory says someone might react to chosen palettes, and what the hierarchy of importance in your message should be.

If desired, we coordinate the printing of your materials with one of our trusted vendors so all you have to do is pick up the final product. If a mass mailing campaign is something you want to do, which still has a high success rate for many types of businesses, we can also coordinate that with printers and the post office.

Social Media

Social media wields immense power in today’s digital landscape. Establishing your presence on social platforms is crucial to staying relevant to consumers and competitive in your industry. Prospective customers should be able to easily find, follow, and engage with you digitally. This is exactly where our social media services come in.

We’ll help you leverage social media marketing by developing compelling content, creating stunning graphics, placing social media ads, and everything else in between.

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We always recommend your business or organization has a social media presence. But we also know it takes time that you may not have to maintain your social media sites. We can help!

Our social media marketers plan and create the content and imagery you need to keep your social feed fresh and engaging. We create content calendars to plan posts weeks or months in advance, then schedule posts so they go out when the time is right.

If you are not yet on social media, we can help you identify which platforms are best for you based on who your target audience is and the particular demographics of the different social media sites. Yes, each social site has its own set of user demographics!

For people interested in learning best practices for using social media but don’t know where to start, we offer one-on-one consultation services. We teach you how to design eye-catching graphics that are sized correctly for the social platform you use, and show you how to use hashtags as lead generating tools.

Social Media


If you aren’t using videos to promote and market your product or service, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for engagement and storytelling. But it’s never too late to catch up! Our expert video production team can vouch for the ability to make your marketing messages go viral. After all, it is more appealing and often engages more people than motionless images.

Through our videography services, we’ll help you create engaging animations, speaker reels, product videos, commercials, or on-camera client testimonials for use on your website, blog, or social media. Whatever you need, name it, and we’ll be ready with lights, cameras, action!

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Video continues to engage people longer than static imagery. Our videographers are here to create the compelling videos you need to tell your story and capture the attention of your audience.

Your video’s length will vary based on how you plan to use it; oftentimes between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. We can collect footage over half day, full day, or multi-day shoots depending on your goals and intent for use.

Based on the complexity of your project, we include a consultation session with your videographer before or after shooting. Then we will embark on several rounds of edits and drafts for you to see as we refine the final product, adding graphics and music as needed.

Upon completion, we will deliver the video files to you in various formats for use on web, social media, or email as needed in the future.


While videos are highly engaging, don’t undermine the power of stunning photographs. The fact is, not all messages make the desired impact via video. Photos communicate faster, are memorable, boost engagement rates, and help make sales. Whether you want to turn your products into superstars, tell your brand’s story, educate your audience, or share important news, our photography services will meet your needs.

Leave it to us to produce high-quality, branded photos. We’ll even help you plan your wardrobe and can have a make-up artist available to complete your glam squad.

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Original, branded photos of your products, services, or staff help localize your business with real people that work and live in our communities. Our trained photographers provide high-quality photos for use on your website, blog, social media, or printed materials.

With professional studio equipment, we can set up at your location or offsite to capture the images you need. We have lighting and equipment to shoot inside or outside.

Photographers are available for half-day or full-day shoots, and multi-day and multi-location shoots for more extensive photography projects.

Delivered photo files can be used for anything from a billboard to a bus ad to a digital advertisement.


Sales Funnels

What if you found a way to understand what your potential customers are thinking and doing at every stage of their buying journey? That’s exactly what a sales funnel is for. We’ll help you use your sales funnel to gain insights into the right marketing activities and channels, and invest in them accordingly.

Our team of expert copywriters will create effective and relevant messaging during all sales funnel stages, ultimately turning prospects into paying customers. Whether you sell courses, webinars, or eBooks, we’re excited to build an evergreen sales funnel for you.

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Sales Funnels are growing in popularity and used to capture email addresses so you can keep people in a buying cycle. Sales funnels often start with a free offer such as a downloadable PDF, and once someone opts-in to receive that free offer, they are added to your contact list which triggers a series of emails that lead to a new offer.

Your sales funnel will likely have a series of offers connected to it, each getting higher in price than the previous offer. This is a way to keep your audience engaged with your products or offerings and inspire them to become repeat purchasers.

Sales funnels are perfect for people who plan to create unique content or teach a specific skill set. Whether you share that information with people via online courses, workshops, or webinars, your funnel is designed to allow you to continue offering new products to the people within your contact lists.

We have professionals in the network that can help you plan your offers and funnel hierarchy, create the email content you need to set up the emails sequences, design your funnel landing page, and set up your funnel’s automation.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around forever and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve been underestimating this powerful tool, think again. Emails can lead to high conversions and sales. After all, it is the most direct and effective way of not only connecting with your leads but also nurturing them, turning them into customers time and time again.

Hiring us for professional email marketing services means empowering yourself to convert prospects into customers. Let us create powerful email campaigns so you can turn one-time buyers into many-time buyers.

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Email marketing has a high return on investment, especially if your copy is well-written and your email list is engaged. Our email marketers create the content and strategy you need to sell your products or services through email campaigns, sales funnels, or automated email sequences.

If you choose to have us manage your email campaigns, which could include creating newsletters, seasonal offers, or triggering a sales sequence, we can do that. Or, we can create the copy you need for your campaigns and leave the design and execution up to you.

Not sure what software to use to collect emails and set up your email campaigns or sales funnel? No problem! Our digital strategists help you figure out what options will work within your needs and budget. We even offer one-on-one consulting to learn how to use the software in the future.

Email Marketing

Facebook & Instagram Ads

You probably know social media can be a marketing game-changer. But you might be struggling to make the most of it. A lot goes into setting up a Facebook ad or Instagram ad including keyword research, audience targeting, regional targeting, and knowing the right budget to use and for what amount of time.

Isolated posts will only get you so far. You need a solid, streamlined promotional strategy to strike it BIG on social media. Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to do just that, and Lamplight Creatives is here to help!

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Our Facebook marketing services and Instagram marketing services are designed to get you results. We learn about your goals and customers, then devise a strategy to best target your social media audience. That means more traffic, increased conversions, and a sizable revenue hike.

We require a 3-month commitment for Facebook and Instagram ad services. Driving traffic from your ad to your landing page takes time to gain traction in the social-sphere. Much of the first month is spent doing the necessary keyword and competitor research, in addition to defining the buyer’s journey. Month 2 involves testing the different variations of content, headlines, audiences, and imagery. Month 3 is for fine-tuning and optimizing your ad to achieve the best results!

We’re also proficient in Pinterest ads, so you get to harness the power of Pins if you should choose to do so. Let us know if you want to learn more about this!

Facebook & Instagram Ads


“We have been highly impressed with the suite of services provided by Lamplight Creatives. Allison and her team are a one-stop-shop for designing a web presence and so much more. Lamplight understood our product and who we wanted to reach very quickly. We couldn’t have been happier with the visually stunning website they created.”

Kairos Sensors

“Lamplight Creatives was responsive and so supportive in whatever projects I needed help with for my business. I highly recommend using this service if you need to grow your social media presence, create products, and develop your website.”

Sophie Grow

“Allison helped me with the branding and copywriting for a new business venture. She was incredibly insightful and helped me to stay out of the weeds and in the big picture. Thanks Allison!”

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To learn more about our services and see whether or not they align with your vision and goals, we’ll be happy to provide a FREE consultation for new clients. Once we learn about your project and timeline, we’ll create a customized proposal for you.


Most business owners don’t have extra time for managing more projects.

Conceptualizing and completing creative endeavors can be time-consuming and involve a lot of moving parts. Because of this, marketing projects often get stopped in their tracks.

At Lamplight Creatives, you only work with our Creative Director. She takes care of all the coordination and communication needed between all parties involved in your project. She works closely with the creatives, vendors, and publications needed to launch your concept into the world without exhausting you in the process.

When it comes to addressing your marketing goals, we go to work for you.

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Our initial consultation is FREE. We meet with you to learn your vision, values, and goals so that we can get to know you better. Then, we recommend where to focus our efforts.

Full-service support awaits you

Running a business is a constant race against the clock. That’s why we do the legwork for you. All you need to do is share your ideas and goals, and we’ll bring them to life.

Here’s what we offer:

  • A highly skilled talent network to achieve your marketing goals.
  • Complete coordination with all parties required to complete the project.
  • Careful evaluation of the quality of work received from vendors.
  • Resources, resources, and even more resources!
You want your brand to cut through the noise and stand out. You want to attract the right consumers in a crowded marketplace. Most importantly, you want to see growth and profit. We make all of this possible! Despite high-end service, you will find our prices are reasonable, because serving small businesses is important to us.

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